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II have been a member here since 2008 and when I went recently to cancel my membership because I am pregnant they were extremely rude and unprofessional. In fact, both the manager and front desk person have lied to me repeatedly about the terms of cancellation.

When I asked for a copy of my contract and saw that it actually says you can cancel if you have a medical reason for not being able to use their services the manger, Richard, said that being pregnant is not a medical condition and if I brought in a doctor's note I could cancel but I would have to be able to sleep at night. When I asked him how he sleeps at night since they have been charging me for 7 months when I could not use the service at all he got upset and stomped out of the store. They finally canceled my membership but then charged me $50 and another $39.95! When I called and asked about it, Jess the front desk person told me the reason for the $50 was that the terms of the contract were not met which are 24 months and the $39.95 is because you cannot cancel when your account is on freeze.

Both of these items are NOT in the contract. I let her know this and she said, "Oh it's not in the contract but that is just our policy." She then also said that being pregnant is not a medical condition and I quote, "You can still tan, and it's just that some doctors don't like it." Keep in mind I am eight months pregnant. Realizing that I cannot argue with ***, I asked to speak to the owner and she lied to me yet again and said the owner is Richard and he would be in on Saturday. So I called back on Saturday to find out the owner is Bill and Richard is the original manager that was so rude to me in the first place.

I feel I am getting nowhere with this and had to file a complaint with the BBB and Visa. Next stop is my lawyer.

So if you plan to tan here or use spa services make sure you never want to cancel because they will provide you with a contract and then refuse to honor the terms of it.

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i am also having trouble with plant beach my minor daughter signed a contract, without my concent, she goes to school away and she tries to cancel they wont let let her and still takes the money out of her account, their policy is must be 18 or have parents concent, witch the did not have!!!

Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #856611

I paid upfront for 7 months.I had to freeze my services due

to a sick parent and was told

My services were frozen to come back when able.When I

Called the owner was very nasty and told me they could not freeze my services.Planet

Beach will tell you anything to

Get your money it's nothing more than a scam!

Centerville, Utah, United States #823096

I purchased a limited membership which allowed me to go 8 times a month. When I went in to cancel my membership after the 5 month I was told that I would have one more month and then I could cancel.

I told that shouldn't be the case since they have already charged my credit card 52.00 5 times (2 times in one month). I said that that should count. I finally got the manager to make a decision to go a head and let me cancel. I just looked at my credit card and saw that I got charged yet again.

When I call the spa, the employee stated that they did have my cancellation form and no record of any of the conversations from the manger and I. I then spoke to the manager and she said that she would go ahead and refund me but that I had no more sessions. I had 16 session that rolled over I was told the month before...I guess when you cancel you have to use them all in that month. There was never an mention of that in the contract or by the multiple employees I talk to about this very issue.

I asked for the owners phone number and was told they can't give that out. What kind of company doesn't allow customers to talk personally with the owner. Sketchy for sure. I am not out 104.00 worth of spa services and who knows if they will every refund me for the extra month they charged me for.

So frustrated. Don't trust anything any of them say. Get it in writing and take copies of everything.

I should have done that myself. Lesson learned.


We have the same issue. Cancelled the planet beach a year ago because wife is pregnant with a fee of $50 for early cancel.

Still getting charged. Called many times and they say everything is "dealt with". Just got a call from a collection agency saying we owe over $1000 immediately.

Call planet beach get manager again who says everything is taken care of. Are we supposed to believe them anymore?

Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #769501

I have been through the same thing recently with the spa in Gulfport Mississippi. The membership date is the 9th but got earlier each month.

Last month was the 1st. Asked to cancel and took 5 days and many phone calls to get the cancellation papers. Now, They say corporate changed the policy and I must wait 60 days after signing to cancel but cannot count this month because I called on the 2nd and not the billing date of the 1st. The billing date should have been the 9th.

I sent a msg to their corporate and can't wait to hear the story or new policy that they come up with next. Looks like I have to cancel my bank account to end this !!


I am currently going through a situation trying to cancel with them. I have a confirmation email from a year ago and they won't honor it or refund my money. It is such a headache.

Butte, Montana, United States #657812

I had a similar experience. My first day there, I ended up extremely sick...

not sure if it was too much at one time, they failed to keep their equipment sanitized, or what, but within a couple hours of leaving, I was VERY sick. Nauseated, headache, sore ... kind of felt like the flu, but wasn't. I called them immediately and stated that I would not be returning (same day as sign up) and that I need to cancel all future services.

Was told it would be taken care of. 6 weeks later, I get a phone call from someone demanding a payment (which they have card information for auto payments anyway), told her what happened, she put me on hold, a very rude employee came on asking "what's the problem now?" and I had to ask twice who I was speaking with. Told her what happened and she said, well bring in the medical note from when you seen a doctor for that and I'll see what we can do. Of course, the previous employee 6 weeks earlier didn't tell me to see a dr, so I didn't.

So then she gives me to the owner, who then tells me that there is no way that this could've happened, said I never spoke to anyone, but then a few minutes later states that I left a voicemail to cancel all services, but not contract... then says it's fine, they'll cancel all services if I come fill out more paperwork to stop it. I asked for a copy of my contract and she laughed saying that they don't do that, then agreed to send me one when she can get to it. She then says she'll look into, after repeatedly insinuating I am a liar and that I never was sick and that I owe them $210, in addition to the $100 GC they received from me the one day I was there.

Then, after business hours, the manager (the rude one I spoke with that I had to ask who she was) found me on Facebook, was not happy that I told my friends about what had happened, started bad mouthing me, my place of employment, harassing my father and a friend of mine, then says "Do you all want a copy of her contract showing her agreement that she gave us her credit card information? it's a two page thing that she has to pay no matter what." I had to change my card number, am stressing about the other personal information that will be released, since there are some generic medical questions on the form, and my date of birth, address, phone number, email, etc.... I am astonished!!!!

My identity is now in jeopardy because I received a gift certificate for my birthday from my fiancé and used it there. Needless to say, I'm still in the middle of fighting mine.


I looked up the owner online and found his personal contact info that way. I told him about the issue and he cancelled my contract and refunded my money. I have not been back after that and will be sure to never sign a recurring contract for a tanning place ever again!


how did you find the owner?


What ended up happeneing? Im having major issues also. Class action law suit ?


I was contacted by the owner and he has promised to waive the fees.

to skcrutcher League City, Texas, United States #823147

Just an update on what the outcome was. I ended up disputing the charges via my credit card and had the money refunded that way. Have not returned.

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